Luxury Sensual Massage for Women in Barnet, North London

Dear Ladies,

My name is Christof, 33 years old, I’m fit, toned, easy going & open minded European masseur based in New Barnet, North London.
I am a confident person, very happy in my own skin, and I feel truly fulfilled by leading a life where I get to make others feel good.
Anyone choosing to have a luxury massage with me can be expected to be treated with love, warmth and kindness and I really hope that I can provide a little safe oasis.

I cater to the very discerning, selective women who expect the best and embrace life with all its healthy distractions. For many years men have enjoyed the company of women, and have never been shy of paying for it. Now women are empowered with the confidence and grace to take control and do the same.

Ladies, discover your sensuality in a way you have never experienced before with my unique, a delicious ladies-only massage; a massage which is all about you.

I invite you to indulge in a 60 min or 90 min full body sensual massage at my private, comfortable North London treatment room with all facilities, where I create a safe space for you to completely let go and surrender. Full address given on booking.
I look forward to meeting you soon.

To book an appointment with me please text 07442 52 00 27 or email me at: and I’ll get back to you ASAP.

Prices: contact me.


Please book in advance in order to avoid disappointment. I take only 1 booking / day. Sunday off.

Incall and Outcall


What is sensual massage?

A sensual massage, like a tantric massage, is given with a genuine sense of care and intimacy and involves intentional arousal of the body.
The tantric masseur will remain partially or fully clothed and not have the massage to become mutually intimate. Whereas sensual masseurs are usually naked when giving the massage and mostly allow reciprocal body to body touch to a lesser or greater degree.
A good sensual masseur should be able to build the arousal slowly throughout the whole treatment, to seduce the body and thus to cause the ‘receivers’ mind to relax and focus solely on the feelings being felt. It should be an experience that is exciting and stimulating.

Who can benefit from having a sensual massage?
– Women who enjoy regular massage and to have their muscles worked professionally but who also want to experience intimate arousing touch in order to connect with the deeper primal sensual part of themselves.
– Women who want to enjoy the firm yet a tender touch of a man without the need to perform or give back sexually.
– Women who know that arousal and ultimate orgasm can also be enjoyed through gentle prolonged intimate touch rather than penetrative intercourse.
– Women who believe that it is right to be able to experience arousal and orgasm without commitment and responsibilities of a relationship.
Also, I have as clients many women from backgrounds that are more restricted through cultural rules or religious beliefs and whose sex lives have been unfulfilled and who can’t explore sensuality socially outside their situation. What I provide gives discretion and safety, but also the space to explore and let go as much as they want without being judged.
The arousal techniques can include very light fingertip touch, use of body to body contact, hugging and holding. All of this is given with a non-judgmental and supportive approach that encourages the subconscious to let go, thus achieving a level of relaxation that can be quite profound.

To book an appointment with me please email me at: and I’ll get back to you ASAP.

I look forward to seeing you soon.


Location: Barnet, North London
Post Code: EN5
Contact Name: Christof
Gender: male
Age: 33
Phone Number: 07442520027
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